Transforming children into a youth who are better equipped with the necessary knowledge, skills, attitude and motivation to address our societal needs and problems.
For us, the impact of a good education system reflects on how the society functions and how the citizens deal with the needs and problems of their community. We aim for social change through the education system.
Experimenting and spreading innovative, cost-effective and replicable models of teaching and learning through collaborations with schools and other institutions in the education sector.
We build pedagogic models that are practice-based and focus on development of ‘Knowledge and Skills’ among children.
Curriculum and Pedagogy:
The organization is working specially in the domain of ‘Curriculum and Pedagogy’ at upper primary and secondary school level and presently it is strengthening its work specifically on Science Education with an aim to focus other subjects in coming years. Since the organization values the importance of skill development among students, we also focus on Life Skills development which we are integrating with the curriculum of Science Education.
As we develop our expertise and model for other subjects, the Life Skill Development model will be integrated with each of the subject and each subject would develop working skills of the subject, along with the basic knowledge. Science, for example, is not to be understood in terms of the knowledge of physics, chemistry or biology but the whole range of skills involved in ‘Doing Science’. Similarly, Mathematics is not learning formulas and equations but the ‘Mathematization of thoughts’ which is a skill in itself. These skills are then to be used in real life to develop the holistic personality of the child that takes us towards our vision.